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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This past Sunday I was priviledged to participate in the baptism of my son-in-law, Weston McManus.    He has become active in the life of the Visio Dei congregation in Raleigh.  A co-worker has been instrumental in encouraging him toward a full commitment to Christ.  His pastor has challenged him with thoughtful answers to genuine questions.

This step was one Weston has given much thought to.  He gave a well reasoned response to his pastor's question:  "Why are you getting baptized?"  He concluded by saying that it's not about just being called a Christian; it's about being a genuine disciple, a true follower of Jesus.

Of course we are all quite proud of him!

As for the baptism itself?  I found out shortly before the service started that this church follows the tradition of the Grace Bretheren churches.  They baptize by immersion--but they do it a little differently from this Baptist pastor's experience.  They baptize the candidate forward and not once under the water, but three times, once each for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  That works for me.  And though I'd never done it that way before I think Weston and I did just fine.  I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!