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Saturday, March 25, 2017

El gran dia en Honduras!

Sorry to anyone who wanted an update on our trip and found nada thus far... internet connections have been hard to come by.  We have stayed busy on multiple fronts:

-Some have been working hard at Mercy House to put finishing touches on several items needing to be completed before staff can move in and groups hosted there.  It's going to be a wonderful blessing when finished.  The ability to host larger or more numerous groups will be an immediate benefit.

-The marriage conference was held yesterday (Friday) and today with numerous couples from the area receiving great teaching from our conference leaders, Courtney and Mark Donelson. (East Baptist, you will probably hearing some of their material in the future!)

-A group of us took a strenuous hike to El Membrial on Friday.  We sought to encourage and strengthen the young believers there--and saw their new church building!  Pray for God's direction and strength in their leader, Omar's, life.

-We will be heading within the next hour to the wedding of Ricardo Venegas--leader of Mercy and Grace here in Honduras.  Pray for God's blessing on his marriage!

-Tomorrow is the big day for the civil and religous ceremonies for 30+ couples.  We are praying that it will be a wonderful testimony of Christian couples wanting to do things the right way!  Pray for me; I'm humbled to be asked to have a part and want to do it right!

-Monday should be another hike to a mountain village.  I'm sore and tired, yet I'm delighted to be with such a wonderful group of fellow believers all seeking to do our parts to grow the kingdom.  To those at EBC and my family:  Thanks for allowing me to be away and participate in something so close to my heart.  Taste and see that our God is good!

(Pictures may or may not upload)