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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Israel Memories and Future Plans

It's only been 7 months since I last posted on this blog site. How time has flown by! It's almost impossible to believe that one year ago today we were wrapping up our trip to Israel.

Today I preached a sermon on the life of Samson and used some of our photos from Michael's CD to show our congregation the Sorek Valley and Zolah, where Samson was born. This afternoon I had some free time so I went through Michael's CD--all 450+ pictures! It only added to my feelings of nostalgia and made me miss Israel and my friends from there all the more.

I've managed to keep up with a few of you, but can't help wondering where the rest of you might be this summer and what you are up to. While my summer of '06 was free and filled with travel, I've yet to get away at all this year. I'm hoping to rectify that in August. I'd love to get updates from any of the rest of you who happen to read this.

I do miss Israel! So... I have made tentative plans to return to Israel next year. I'll be hosting a tour with a pastor friend of mine from March 4 - March 13. We'll be visiting many of the spots we saw last year, plus a few we didn't get to see. If you know of anyone who would like to go to the Holy Land I have info I can send them and a web site they could go to for more info.

Let me thank each one of my companions again for a wonderful experience. There is hardly a day goes by that I don't think of some aspect of our trip. The experience (even with the unplanned excitement!) and each of you have impacted me and my ministry for a lifetime.

God Bless You!