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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wedding Report & Our Final Day

We're back in Tegucigalpa, getting ready to catch our planes back to the states tomorrow.  The 9 days of our mission trip have flown by and God has greatly blessed us!

Ricardo and Karla's wedding was a beautiful experience in every way.  We all felt honored and blessed to be guests on such a special day for our leader.

Words can't begin to describe how honored and humbled I was to officiate at the weddings of 34 couples from towns and villages all around the area.  The civil part of the ceremony, led by the mayor of Victoria lasted about an hour and a half.  The religious ceremony added another two hours--but I think everything turned out pretty close to perfect.

Christian principles were both taught and exemplified before all the guests and family members present. All the couples were given individual moments in the spotlight and the opportunity to publicly state their vows to one another and the Lord.  At the end of the ceremony family members or friends brought rings to each couple to exchange.  There were tears of joy, in addition to many smiles and hugs.

Among the couples married were several that we have personally worked with in the past.  Thank you Jesus for seeing your fruit in the lives of these precious souls and letting us know that our efforts here have not been in vain because of the work of your Spirit!

As we went through the ceremony many different things about these couples caught my attention.  Some were so young.  Others were probably as old as me!  There were many embarrassed to be in front of such a large crowd--even shy about kissing each other.  Others were obviously thrilled to be able to publicly promise their continuing love for the  rest of their lives.      

The Lord did such a wonderful thing in my life as the ring bearers were coming forward to present the rings.  He gave me  a deep sense of love and compassion for these individual couples.  I can't quite put it into words, but I was greatly humbled to be involved in such a sacred moment--particularly as I saw the joy exuding from those bearing the rings.  I will go home to North Carolina remembering different couples and praying that God would meet the needs of their particular situations and bless their marriages.

I'll have more to share about the weddings Sunday at East.  I'll have to write another post about our visit to Los Chorritos.  There's a reason I don't do Twitter!  God bless you all!!!


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