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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pottery washing area at Hazor

Our last sunset at Ramot
Patrick blowing the shofar at Mt Ben Tal
Seeing how I can hardly keep my eyes open, I'll defer to my ghost writer, Sheila.
Hello again from Israel!!
We woke up again to beautiful blue skies and a clearday. We couldn't wait to get going to explore somemore of Israel with our guide Gila and our expertdriver Albert!
Here are Wednesday's highlights. We started the day atTel Hatzor - the archeological site that Pastor Jonwas a part of 2 years ago. His excitement about thedig was contagious. He explained how this Canaanitetemple was discovered and the progress that had beenmade while and since he was there. We left Hatzorheaded north to Dan. Dan is a nature preserve and theDan River flows into the River Jordan. This is thelargest spring area in Israel. We saw Ancient Dan andstopped at a lovely pool area before seeing the City.You could see Nimrod's Fort off in the distance on topof a mountain. We sat where the elders sat at the CityGate.
We had lunch at a McDonald's. Gila translated for usand we enjoyed our meal.
Back on the bus we headed toward the Golan Heights andpassed the old border with Syria. There were signsthat said "Danger Mines"!.
We stopped at Banias Caesarea Philippi - the Temple ofPan. We saw niches carved directly into themountainside. After Dan, we drove through themountainous area of the Golan Heights. We drove thru aDruze willage called Massadeh to go to Mt. Bental, avery high mountain that gave us a good view of thearea. You could see into Syria and Gila discussed theconflict of 1967. Pastor Jon discussed thetransfiguration passages in the Bible. We startedback to Galilee for dinner and our final night at thislovely area.
Our last e-mail from Israel. We check out of our hotelin the morning, spend the day touring, and then headto Tel-Aviv for our flight home arriving on Friday.