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Friday, September 21, 2007

Kathy's Miracle

Kathy’s Miracle
As Told By Laura

Monday morning Jenora and Laura were conducting prescreening when they noticed a young girl –early 20s—who came in with a lot of debris on her teeth and an appliance on her lower teeth, that was obviously preventing her from cleaning her teeth properly. She stated how earlier in her life she had been in an accident where her jaw had been broken in three places, thus the need for the appliance to stabilize her jaw. The tarter had built up on a wire behind her teeth so much that she could spin it around like a tube.

Kathy had medical complications which included having a laser ablation to treat an irregular heartbeat. Every tooth was decayed and her mouth was inflamed and infected.

The nurses had Dr. Mickey come and evaluate her condition. Upon examining Kathy and talking with her Dr. Mickey advised Kathy that what she really needed to do was check into a hospital and have all her teeth removed where they could monitor her heart during the surgery.

Kathy’s biggest concern was how all this would be paid for with no insurance. Dr. Mickey shared how every hospital has some discretionary money and suggested she contact the school of dentistry at UK in Lexington to see if they would help.

Laura advised Kathy to contact Andy Cable, the Director of the Powell Co. Health Clinic. Andy was very interested in providing assistance. She called back the next morning and asked Kathy if she could find transportation if an appointment could be arranged. Kathy said her brother could take her.

After the conversation with Kathy Andy shut her door and prayed about the situation. Then she got a phone book and called the dental school. She explained the situation with the woman who answered the phone. The young lady replied, “Well, the dean of the oral surgery department is standing right here. Why don’t you talk with him?” (Amazing! Laura's quote: Those cats don't even talk to their own wives!") Andy related the story once again to the dean to which he replied, “Do you think she could come tomorrow?”

Kathy did see the dean the next day and he emphasized the seriousness of the situation. Arrangements were made for a further evaluation in two weeks after which they will schedule the procedure! When Kathy informed Andy of these developments Andy assured her that we will all be praying for her and asked her to keep us informed of the latest developments.

Kathy, we certainly will!

(photos from Hazel Green tomorrow!)