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Monday, January 15, 2007

Doctors and Faith

I was making a hospital visit this evening and had a wonderful surprise. I was conversing with the young woman awaiting a procedure when her doctor came in with good news. The procedure would be fairly simple and he expected no complications. I prepared to leave and suggested we pray. As the young woman, her husband and I joined hands to pray we were interrupted.

"May I pray with you?" the doctor asked.

"Certainly!" And as we prayed I could just sense that this was no mere formality. There was a genuine person of faith with us in the circle. He affirmed my asking God to help him give the best care humanly possible to his patient. After our prayer he shared the name of a local church where he is a member--a strong congregation with a vibrant witness in our community.

I know the young woman was thrilled to learn that she was under the care of one who realizes that all healing ultimately comes from God. And I was thrilled too, thrilled to be reminded that faith can reside in perfect harmony with the reason of a sharp intellect. Our Christian worldview need not take a backseat to any other philosophy of life in the world of ideas.

Thank you God for a little shot in the arm and the reminder to keep sharpening my mind.