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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Safe arrival & concerns

Hello everyone. We arrived safely in Israel late this afternoon, met our tour guide, Gila, and our bus driver, Albert, and drove 1 hour to our hotel in Jerusalem. We had a wonderful buffet meal with so many possibilities to select. My plans to lose weight while here may prove to be wishful thinking! We had lamb's tongue, meat loaf, salmon, chicken on a stick, soups, vegetables, salads and desserts too numerous to mention.

I just read on the AP that there has been an attack on a Jewish seminary here in Jerusalem. From what I have read 7 people were killed and many more wounded. Please pray for our safety and for the collective peace of mind and spirit for our group. I'll update as soon as I can tomorrow--certainly before you go to bed in the US! I'm going to catch some sleep myself.

God bless!