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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Off to Ecuador

Thanks again to everyone who has been tuning in to my sabbatical updates. It seems that almost every day since I've been back from Israel I've learned of people in unexpected places I never had a clue were looking at this blog. A fair number of them I've never met! And yet last night I was told of more such people keeping up with us and praying for us while we were in Israel.

Megan, Laura, Evan, Erin and me (Can you tell I'm proud of my family?)

So if I ever manage to get packed tonight and make my flight in Atlanta once again...please, whoever may glance in this place over the next couple of weeks, pray for my daughter Erin, her son, Evan, my youngest daughter Laura, Erin's friend Morgan, and myself as we journey to Ecuador. Who knows what may be waiting around the bend for us?!