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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Strangely Normal Odd Breakfast

Got to work this morning as usual at 5am (can you believe I'm saying that?). We were greeted by an awesome sunrise over the peak of Har Bental.

We did some really strenuous work...

And then came our mid-morning breakfast. The usual food. The usual aches and moans and conversation. But there was something different at breakfast today. Our meal was frequently interrurpted by booming sounds coming from the north. "Artillery practice?" "Maybe rockets from Lebanon?" Occasionally helicopters and the sounds of streaking jets echoed overhead.

Now that our workday is over we've just found out that Israeli troops have moved into Lebanon. The border is only 8 miles from where we are. But aside from a few cocked heads and comments after the booms, breakfast was pretty much normal. And life around the internet cafe in Rosh Pinna continues on as usual.

I haven't had time to really process all this, but one constant on my mind since coming to Israel is that I'm thankful for life. As we dig up the history of the dead, I want to make sure that I live!

So today I'm thankful for muscles that ache, for family and friends, and for the opportunities God gives us every day to really live. I'm doing my best to not take today for granted and to remember that real life is found only in Christ.

Take time today to really live!