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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Ordeal or Adventure?

Being early is overrated. I know that is a terrible thing to say, but since I have frequently been told I will be late to my own funeral I admit that at least subconsciously I must believe it to be true. Now I have been trying in my "late"er years to work at being more prompt. But what happened Monday only makes me want to relapse.

With the kind of encouragement only a wonderful wife can provide, Penny had me at the airport the way the airlines request--two hours early for an international flight. I don't think I've ever been to the airport that early! And what did it get me? Delta flight 3567 was delayed once, twice, three times! When we finally touched down in Atlanta the only Atlanta flight to Quito of the day was taking off. We got off our plane and raced to the terminal only to look at the monitor and see, "Flight 673...DEPARTED." Deltal wanted to re-route us through Santiago, Chile arriving at 7AM and not getting to Quito until after 8PM the next day. I replied, "Fly all night with a 5 year old, only to get to Quito a couple hours before this same flight tomorrow gets there? No thanks!"

A good friend passed along a quote he had heard to me. The only difference between an adventure and an ordeal is...attitude. So Evan and I decided we'd prefer an adventure. We had a nice dinner on Delta, stayed at a comfortable motel on Delta and made it to Quito 24+ hours late but none the worse for wear. And we met some wonderful people to boot. Wouldn't you know it, our flight on Tues. was significantly delayed. While waiting to board Toby and Rachel from Chicago helped us pass the time and we both enjoyed getting to know them. They seemed like such genuinely nice people and we wish them well on their own adventure in Ecuador and Peru.

Erin met us at the airport in Quito. Her bags arrived just before us after she had been here for three days! I discovered that back home the washing machine had decided to spew out who knows how many gallons of water through much of our downstairs and by nightfall Penny and the girls had seen most of the carpet ripped out and 29 blowers doing their best to dry out the house.

There are a lot worse things in life than airline delays and inconveniences on a trip. Right now my friend who shared the quote with me is in a fight with cancer. I've been reminded to pray for him and to be more thankful for all the wonderful gifts God gives me each day to enjoy. The inconveniences and hassles of everyday life? NO BIG DEAL! And I promise that when we get back to the states and real life I'll try to work on my late attitude!