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Saturday, June 10, 2006

What if...

What if your pastor announced that he had decided to spend the second Sunday of his Sabbatical on a golf course? I know many of you would think I had lost it! Let me explain.

Laura and I had a delightful drive down to my dad's in Alabama after she finished her finals on Thursday. Friday morning Dad and I ventured out to play a round of golf. After coming within 3 inches of my first hole-in-one and scoring two birdies on the front nine I was elated to say the least! We paused at the clubhouse for a break before beginning the back nine. And there it was--my sign from the Lord that perhaps I needed to be back on the golf course Sunday morning:

The Church at Quail Creek
Join Us for Worship
Sunday Morning

Any notion that my newfound golfing prowess and the clubhouse sign were signs from the Lord about where I needed to worship this Sunday were quickly dispelled by my play on the back nine. Laura and I will be worshipping with family this week. I'll be sure to spend a few moments in prayer for the service at East as we worship.

How is the sabbatical going so far? I'm enjoying being on a routine of rest, exercise, better eating habits, some babysitting, and reading. The first book I've read is Experiencing Prayer With Jesus by Henry and Norman Blackaby. Let me quote a prayer from Henry:

"O God, many others have begun and never saw the completion of your promises in their generation. O Lord, help me to be faithful in my generation that when I pray, I hear from You...and that when I hear from You, I immediately adjust my life accordingly."

I'm hoping to read much more this summer that will stimulate my mind and spirit to be all I can be for our wonderful Savior. Thanks for the opportunity!

Pastor Jon