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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


"The cemeteries are filled with indispensable men."
--Charles de Gaulle

It's here! At long last, after much preparation, it's time to begin my sabbatical. Several weeks ago I came across the above quote. Pretty timely isn't it? It has helped me in preparing to let go of my responsibilities at EBC for a season. Now the trick is to do it.

It is a rather sobering thought that we not only can be replaced, but one day, sooner or later, we will all be replaced. As indispensable as we might want to believe we are--we aren't. And that "all" includes pastors.

In a very real way this summer will be a test of how well I've been doing my job. Do we have the sufficient breadth(number) and depth(commitment) of leadership to see that the work of God's church moves forward? Has our membership bought in to the spiritual truth that we are all members of one body and each part has a role to fulfill for the body to remain healthy and vibrant?

Here is a big "Thank you!" in advance to everyone who will be pinch hitting for me in many areas of ministry this summer. Whether you realize it or not, even if you haven't volunteered to specificly take on one of my roles this summer, you will be helping me and blessing our church simply by carrying out your normal responsibilities to the best of your ability.

So what will I be up to the next few weeks? This week is one of transition for me, making sure the loose ends are tied up and shifting gears into a rest, relax, study and reflect mode. I'll be spending some time with family in Alabama and perhaps a few days at the beach before heading off to Israel on June 27th.

Remember: there is only One who is truly indispensable!

Shalom(can you tell I'm getting ready for Israel?),
Pastor Jon